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antara dunia dan akhirat

Rasulullah Saw bersabda, “Barangsiapa yang pada pagi harinya menjadikan dunia ini kepentingannya yang utama, maka Allah akan melazimkan dalam hatinya tiga macam: 
(1) kerisauan yang tak putus-putusnya untuk selamanya, 
(2) kesibukan yang tak ada istirahatnya untuk selamanya, dan 
(3) rasa kefakiran yang tak ada ujungnya untuk selamanya.”(HR, Abu Laits).

 "Dan carilah pada apa yang telah dianugerahkan Allah kepadamu (kebahagiaan) negeri akhIrat, dan janganlah kamu melupakan bahagianmu dari (kenikmatan) duniwi dan berbuat baiklah (kepada orang lain) sebaimana Allah telah berbuat baik kepadamu, dan janganlah kamu berbuat kerusakan di (muka) bumi. Sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang berbuat kerusakan" (QS. Al-Qashash: 77).

1. Kehidupan Akhirat Adalah Tujuan

Allah SWT berfirman, "Dan carilah pada apa yang telah dianugerahkan Allah kepadamu (kebahagiaan) negeri akhIrat".

Jelas disini bahawa apa yang sepatutnya kita kejar adalah kebahagiaan hidup di akhirat kerana di sanalah terletaknya kehidupan abadi kita. Tidak ada mati lagi setelah itu walhal didunia ini kipa pasti dijanjikan kematian selepas kehidupan. Kerana itu dalam ayat yang lain Allah berfirman: "Dan sesungguhnya akhirat itulah kehidupan yang sebenarnya" (QS. Al-Ankabut: 64).

So, what does the world we live in ... The world in which we prepare ourselves for the hereafter. As a preparation, the world would we leave behind. Like a terminal, we transit in it for a moment, until the specified time, after that we left off and continue the journey again. If so the nature of the world, why do we take up too much to live for the world? Recognized or not, of our age quota 24 hours a day, you could say only a few percent that we use for the preparation of the hereafter.The rest can be ascertained drained away by the swirling events in world affairs.Let us remember the blessings of God's infinite, every time flowing in our body.But why do we neglect them. Heart beat never stops. Blink of the eye that countless times a day, we always enjoy. But intentionally or not we always forget that. We are often easy to thank who have contributed to us a while to God who always spoiled us with delicious, delicious, we often turn away memories. As a result we will definitely forget the hereafter. From here the world will always spend our time.Wise men say that the world is only a need, like a toilet and bathroom in a house, he built only as necessary. Hence it is any of the occupants of the house will go to the toilet or bathroom if necessary, after it was abandoned. So it is very strange if there is a silence in the toilet all day, and make it a primary goal of building the house. So is actually really not fair when people busy all day taking care of the world and make it as life goals. While the hereafter excluded.Then how to synchronize or to maintain a balance between life world and the hereafter? Let us follow the categories into two as connections description paragraph above.2. Trying to Improve Life of the WorldAllah says: "And do not forget the happiness of worldly pleasure and do good unto others as God has been good to you".The above verse clearly that Allah commands Muslims to always try to reach the happiness of the hereafter, but do not forget the life of this world. Despite the happiness and pleasures of the world is temporary but it remains important and in order not to be forgotten, because the world is his field hereafter.The future - including happiness in the hereafter - we, very dependent on what is now cultivated in this world. God has created the world and everything in it is for humans, as a means toward the hereafter. God also has made the world as a test for humans, to find out who is most good deeds, who is the most kind-hearted and intentions.God reminds the need for humans to manage and work on this world as well as possible, for the sake of human life and his descendants. At the same time God also emphasized the need to always be kind to others and do not do mischief on earth. God warned: "Do you not see that Allah has sent down to you what is in the heavens and on earth and perfecting for you His favors outwardly and inwardly" (Surah Luqman: 20).To manage and cultivate the best possible world, then humans require different preparation, adequate facilities and infrastructure. Because it is a human need to master science and technology, at least adequate skills and professionalism that will facilitate the management process.However, because of sunatullah, the law of cause and effect, not all men in his position and the same trend. Because of that man anything; rank, status and socio-economic status should not underestimate any profession, which has been cultivated man. God himself was not looking at the outward appearance or worldly man. Instead God appreciates any effort, no matter how small or sehina any human point of view, all professionally done, well, not destructive and performed solely because of God.God just looked at the willingness, sincerity and determination in seeking a servant of his world affairs properly. Allah asserted that: "Verily Allah will not change the position of a people, so the conditions were changed, the position that existed at themselves (through hard work and sincerity" (Surat ar-Ro'd: 11).God also reminds people that nature is often greedy, selfish / ananiyah nature and ego, in order to manage the world not to harm others that will only cause of hostility and bloodshed (war) among others. Human ambition is often because of their greed for wealth and possessions, power, rank and honor by not paying attention or ignoring the rights of God, His Prophet and other human rights.Because it is God's reminder that humans will forever humiliated and lose money, if not repair his relationship with God (hablun minallah) and with his fellow-man (hablun minannaas).This is an important foundation for the creation harmonisme people's lives. He is also an important foundation and prerequisite of dignity and civilized society towards the creation of civil society a peaceful, just, and prosperous.3. Keeping the EnvironmentAs a means of life, Allah forbids people to make mischief on earth. They must manage nature, but to preserve and not damage it. God's Word of the connection above verse: "Be kind (to others) as Allah has been good to you, and seek not corruption in the (front) of the earth. Allah loves not those who do mischief".Allah SWT we quip about the few people who care about the preservation of the environment on earth, His words: "Then why did not any of the peoples who were before you those who have the virtue that prohibit rather than (do) damage on earth, except for small sebahagian "(Surat Huud paragraph 116).In Usul Fiqh rules say, Ad-dlararu yuzalu: all forms of harm that must be eliminated. The Prophet SAW said: "La dlarara dlirara wala", meaning is should not harm themselves or harm others.From this it can be made of technical regulations to prevent environmental damage that ultimately endanger human life itself. Violation of any of that, in addition to sin should be punished also ta'zir; ranging from fines, flogging, imprisonment and even death depending on the level of harm caused.Therefore, if we want to avoid the various disasters there should be a total revolution of the human view of nature surroundings. Capitalistic and individualistic worldview that existed for this to be changed. This is because it considers the natural surroundings as factors of production have made people greedy, greedy, and as well as opportunists.View of life to compete based on the theory of Survival on the fittes make humans destroy the harmony of life. Distrust of the blessings that God makes no accounting for killing fellow human beings in order to satisfy his need of God.

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